7th International symposium on CD1 and NKT Cells

Major discoveries in the field have continued to contribute significantly towards advancing CD1-mediated antigen presentation and NKT cell biology over the past two years. The new findings have involved the characterization of lipid antigens and crystal structures; in vivo multiphoton imaging; disease such as autoimmunity, infections, inflammation, allergy and cancer; new NKT cell subsets and their transcriptional control; cancer therapy and vaccine adjuvants. Indeed, several highly innovative clinical trials are currently ongoing. The Symposium will address a wide range of primary topics of interest to both basic scientists and clinicians working in the field of NKT cells, group I CD1 and MR1-restricted T cells, to include Development and Homeostasis of NKT Cells; Structure of the TCR and Ligands, Antigen Processing and Presentation. Translational applications will include the characterization of NKT cell and group I CD1 ligands and clinical strategies used in the context of Infection and Immunity, Autoimmunity and Cancer Vaccines.


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