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CALL for Application Multi-FLAM Cohort deadline : 23/11/2018

As part of its support for the Labex “Inflamex”, Medicen Paris Region would like to identify industrial or academic partners for a unique and original cohort that should contribute to the identification of new pathways/targets shared between inflammatory disorders and open new perspectives regarding targeted therapies and in vitro diagnostic/prognostic tools.

This collaborative project leveraging the INFLAMEX Labex (laboratory of Excellence) network seeks to refine the prognosis and the prediction to therapy response, on a wide range of inflammatory diseases sharing similar clinical pattern and/or pathophysiological mechanisms.

The actual translational project is based on a unique cohort, named “Multi-Flam”, composed of treatment naive patients, with 25 different and well defined inflammatory diseases*, in which specific or shared biomarkers should be identified.

This cohort will be based on biological samples collected from those patients, coming from AP-HP (Assistance Publique - Hôpitaux de Paris) Excellence and Rare disease reference centers, mainly from three DHU (University Hospital Departments) partners with expertise both in immunology research and biostatistics (machine learning):

1) “Autoimmune and hormonal diseases” (AUTHORS)

2) “Fibrosis, Inflammation, REmodeling in cardiovascular, respiratory and renal diseases” (FIRE) and 3) “Addressing the Unmet Medical Needs through Innovation in Hepatology and GastroenterologY” (UNITY)

“Multi-Flam” cohort is divided into three main groups: i) diseases with predominant involvement of the innate immune system; ii) diseases with major involvement of adaptive immunity with dysfunctional B cells and autoantibodies and iii) fibrotic inflammatory diseases (see figure for detailed description).

More precisely, the Multi-flam cohort will include, over a period of two years, 50 untreated patients for each disease, with well-defined inclusion / exclusion criteria using validated international diagnostic criteria and disease activity parameters. For each patient, two blood samples will be collected in a standardized manner: one at inclusion and a second after 1 year.

A total of 2500 freshly collected blood samples will be available for the analysis of specific cellular subsets signature, specific cytokines production and state of activation for a panel of cytosolic signaling effectors already available in our expert laboratories. Plasma/serum, DNA and RNA will also be collected.

A specific focus will be given to biomarkers that proved a prognostic value in a specific disease and will gain accuracy in being tested in a larger number of other inflammatory disorders or being targeted by new compounds.  

We believe that the Multi-Flam cohort should raise a major interest to industry R&D who have drug candidate (biologics or small molecules) either in research and/or in development, as well as those who develop new in vitro diagnostic/prognostic tools.  

Who can answer?

All partners having an interest in one of the constituent areas of the project are invited to respond to this call for applications  

We invite you to reply before the 23rd of November 2018

Thank you to register by following the link:  

A restitution meeting presenting the project and the various applications is scheduled on 26th of November at 2.00 pm (Medicen, 3-5 impasse Reille, 75014 Paris, Salle Strosberg).  


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