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Challenges In Inflammation: Heloise Flament, partner team 1, Friday 4, December 2020, 13h, ZOOM

Date de l'événement : 04/12/20

Heloise Flament, partner team 1, will present her recent project entitled "Outcome of SARS-CoV-2 infection is linked to MAIT cell activation and cytotoxicity through a monocyte IFNa-IL-18 imbalanced response" and conducted in collaboration with partner team 7

The seminar will be held on ZOOM on Friday 4th, December, 2020 at 13.00

This seminar is only for members of Inflamex partner teams. The seminar will not be recorded. Viewers are not authorised to recorded the seminar as a whole or as parts without previous authorization granted by the speaker.


Immune system dysfunction is paramount in Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) severity and fatality rate. MAIT cells are innate-like T cells involved in mucosal immunity and protection against viral infections. Here, we studied the immune cell landscape, with emphasis on MAIT cells, in cohorts of 208 patients at various stages of disease activity. MAIT cell frequency is strongly reduced in blood. They display a strong activated and cytotoxic phenotype that is more pronounced in lungs. Blood MAIT cell alterations positively correlate with other innate cell activation; pro-inflammatory cytokines, notably IL-18; and with the severity and mortality of SARS-CoV-2 infection. We also identified a monocyte/macrophage IFNa-IL-18 cytokine shift and the ability of infected macrophages to induce cytotoxicity of MAIT cells in a MR1- dependent manner. Together our results suggest that altered MAIT cell functions due to IFNa-IL-18 imbalance contribute to disease severity and their therapeutic manipulation might
prevent deleterious inflammation in COVID-19 aggravation.


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