Challenges in Inflammation, Ian Morilla, équipe partenaire 11 et Alexy Tran Dinh, équipe partenaire 15, vendredi 29 janvier 2021, ZOOM

Ian Morilla, équipe partenaire 11 et Alexy Tran Dinh, équipe partenaire 15, nous présenteront leurs travaux menés en collaboration  intitulés

Personalised risk predictor for acute cellular rejection in lung transplantation

Le séminaire aura lieu le Vendredi 29 janivier à 13h00 (jusqu'à 14h max) sur ZOOM.

Abstract: Lung transplantation is the treatment of last resort that may be offered to selected patients with end-stage pulmonary disease. Acute cell rejection (ACR) is common complication that have nearly the 30% of lung transplant recipients within the first year of follow-up. The development of surrogate markers that could help identify recipients at risk of developing ACR would be a major diagnostic aid to the clinician. CD31, the receptor most represented on the endothelial surface, is cleaved and released into the plasma upon endothelial activation and is therefore a powerful biomarker of endothelial dysfunction. We evaluated the contribution of artificial intelligence in the prediction of the risk of rejection after lung transplantation using early soluble CD31 plasma levels in combination with recipient hematosis as measured by PaO2/FiO2. To this end, a deep convolutional neural network is useful to reconstruct the underlying non-linear behaviour of CD31. Finally, based on this model we are able to build a risk predictor of ACR with an associated percentage of accuracy to each individual.


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