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Post doctoral position dans le laboratoire du Dr Sophie Loterszatjn (Partner 5, CRI) sur l’immunoregulation de la fibrose du foie.

A post doctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr Sophie Lotersztajn (Inflamex Parner 5, CRI, Paris).   Non-alcoholic and alcoholic fatty liver disease are leading causes of chronic liver diseases. The goal of our team is to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying fatty liver disease progression, with emphasis on the identification of immunometabolic targets that control liver inflammation, fibrosis and liver injury, We focus on the identification of novel pathways that control liver macrophage and lymphocyte phenotypes (Wan Hepatology 2014, Lodder, Autophagy 2015) and have uncovered that components of the endocannabinoid system are interesting antifibrogenic and hepatoprotective targets (Teixiera-Clerc, Nature Medicine 2006, Hepatology 2010, Louver, Hepatology 2011, Guillot Hepatology 2014).     The fellow’s project will be to investigate whether and how a newly identified immunometabolic candidate monoacylglycerol lipase reprograms lipid and glucose metabolism in T lymphocytes and macrophages and to delineate the consequences on hepatocellular damage, inflammation and fibrosis. The project will involve multiple in vivo and in vitro approaches and biochemical, imaging and molecular biology techniques.   . The project will be developed at the Center for Research on Inflammation, an institute focusing on inflammatory diseases and a leading actor of the laboratory of excellence “Institute for Inflammatory Diseases” (Inflamex) (See and It provides an exciting, interactive scientific environment and hosts, and has access to well-equipped modern technological platforms. The position is for 2 years.     Applicants should have a strong background in immunology in particular in T cell biology, with previous work experience in molecular biology, imaging and biochemical analysis. Candidates should send a curriculum vitae with a publication list, a short summary of research achievements in English, and the names and email addresses of at least two references to Sophie Lotersztajn (    


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