Partenaire 11

Laboratoire Analyse Géométrie et Applications

Directeur du partenaire

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord - Campus Villetaneuse LAGA, CNRS / UMR 7539
Département de Mathématiques Institut Galilée Université Paris 13 99, avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément 93430 - Villetaneuse
Téléphone : +33 (0) 1 49 40 38 92

Les axes de recherche :


The LAGA is the mathematics research lab at University Paris Nord, hosting about seventy researchers and thirty PhD students. The areas or research span all major fields in pure and applied mathematics, from algebra, topology, geometry to dynamical systems, analysis and probability. The Labex team aims at developing mathematical models of the immune system and in particular of inflammatory mechanisms, based on a combination of data analysis, mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and mathematical analysis. Beyond the fundamental aspects, this work ultimately aims at participating in the identification of new therapeutic targets.

Research area

Our research work within the Labex project can be decomposed into three main complementary activities:
1. Mathematical modeling: establish a constructive interaction with biologists to build relevant mathematical models of biological systems under study.
2. Numerical simulation: design, study and implement fast and accurate numerical methods to simulate the quantitative behavior of complex mathematical models.
3. Mathematical analysis: develop a deep and fundamental understanding of the main properties of wide classes of mathematical objects and their intimate links.

Currently, we are collaborating with N.Varin-Blank team INSERM U978 on the mathematical modeling of lymphocytes selection in the germinal center.

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