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Inflammation and Inflammatory diseases are a major issue for the 21st century. Inflammation is associated with most diseases whether as a primary cause (asthma, atherosclerosis, glomerulonephritis, fibrosis, …) or as one of the initial factors (cancer, infectious diseases, …)

Instead of teaching common principles of inflammation, most current cursus address inflammation through the scope of a particular pathology. To address this lack of global teaching and to train new generations of scientists and MDs, the Master Inflammation and Inflammatory Disease » (IID) specialty uses interdisciplinary and translational approaches to give students a broad understanding of the inflammatory process. Teaching is at the interface between fundamental research and applied/clinical research. Thus, lecturer are given by French and European high-level researchers and clinicians with a strong expertise in their field. Teaching at the master 2 level is in English.   

The IID master is a priority for the Laboratory of Excellence Inflamex that brings together the expertise on Inflammation of 11 research teams from the University Paris Diderot, Paris Descartes and Paris 13.

The IID master program is made of a teaching unit at Master 1 level and of a Master 2. The TU in M1 introduces the basic principles of inflammation while the M2 master offers in-depth courses on the actors of inflammation, molecular mechanisms involved in normal and pathological inflammation, the physiopathology of various inflammtory diseases and their treatment as well as a hands-on 6 month research project.  


The master specialty« Inflammation and Inflammatory diseases » is organized by the INFLAMEX consortium that groups research laboratories from the University of Paris and the University Sorbonne Paris Nord.

This specialty aims at educating a new generation of high-level researchers in the field of Inflammation and its impact on diseases. The IID master offers a transdisciplinary approach to the study of inflammatory processes at the interface between fundamental and applied research.

The formation is aimed at students with a strong interest in immunology, cell biology, molecular biology and human diseases. The M2 is also opened to foreign students and an incentive program is proposed.



The IMI Master Programme aims at teaching young researchers at the beginning of their career using the power of an interdisciplinary approach between fundamental research and different applied/clinical disciplines in the field of inflammation. IMI is organized by the Laboratory of Excellence Inflamex, which comprises actually 16 research teams...



The master 2 « Inflammation and inflammatory diseases » aims at educating new generations of high-level researchers in the field of inflammation. This master specialty offers a transdisciplinary approach to the study of inflammatory process at the interface between fundamental research, applied and clinical research. The « Inflammation and inflammatory diseases » (IID)...


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