LabEx Inflamex


The laboratory is associated with partners of the pole of research and higher education of Paris 5 (Paris-Descartes), Paris 7 (Paris-Diderot) and Paris 13 (Paris-Nord) Universities as well as with Inserm, CNRS and APHP Institutions.

Inflammation has been recognised as a major challenge of the 21st century for scientists, clinicians and public health systems. Diseases like asthma and allergy, nephritis, hepatitis, ulcerative colitis and Chrohn’s disease, all have in common an underlying inflammatory process. Although there are numerous research networks in France working on various organs and related inflammatory diseases none of them develops an interdisciplinary research approach. The INFLAMEX excellence cluster aims to reverse this tendency by assembling high level researchers interested in the development of interdisciplinary research joining researchers of various disciplines. The major objective of the INFLAMEX is to create an Institute for Inflammatory Diseases (IID) to develop:

1) interdisciplinary fundamental research in the field of Inflammation and Inflammatory diseases with accelerated knowledge acquisition of the fundamental understanding of underlying cellular and molecular mechanism.

2) a clinical interface laboratory serving as a platform for efficient research co-ordination between fundamental and clinically oriented research.

3) an INFLAMEXpole laboratory as an academic-industry interface that spawns interdisciplinary translational research by providing complementary expertise to generate diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

4) an interdisciplinary educational program in the field of inflammation by designing an educational program on inflammation in association with the associated Universities and doctoral schools.

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