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Intestinal inflammation

Director of partner

University of Paris Centre de recherche sur l'inflammation ERL CNRS 8252 / UMR1149 Faculté de médecine site Bichat 16 rue Henri Huchard F-75018 Paris Téléphone : +33 (0) 1 57 27 77 55

Research areas :


  • Several projects have been developed in the last years:Genetic studies allowed discovering NOD2 as the main susceptibility gene for CD. Many additional genes have been found more recently. The impact of genetic tests in clinical practice has been studied by our group. New research projects now include epidemiological studies and gene-environment interactions.
  • Mouse models have been developed including a new model which strongly mimics the UC phenotype. Nod2 invalidated mice have also been developed and studied showing that Nod2 plays a key role in Peyer’s patches homeostasis and in the host response toward Yersinia infections.
  • Our group also works on the molecular signature of the inflammation. We defined a miRNA signature associated with UC and CD. This signature points out the reticulum endoplasmic stress as a key factor in UC. We also work on the impact of autophagy in CD. Molecular biology experiments allowed us defining several Nod2 partners in the cell. We also work on microbial virulence factors able to modulate the Nod2 signaling pathway.
  • Finally, we are developing research programs to identify leading components able to modulate the inflammation in IBD.

Research area

Our research team is focused on gut inflammation and more specifically on inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) including Crohn’s Disease (CD) and Ulcerative Colitis (UC). These chronic or relapsing disorders are long life diseases. They often occur in teen-agers and young adults. Their frequency is estimated to 2/1000 inhabitants in Western countries.

Our group has developed a multidisciplinary approach on these diseases including epidemiological and genetic studies; animal models and pathophysiological studies; molecular biology, clinical research and drug development.

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