Partner 5

Inflammatory and stress responses in chronic liver diseases)

Director of partner

University of Paris Centre de recherche sur l'inflammation ERL CNRS 8252 / UMR1149 Faculté de médecine site Bichat 16 rue Henri Huchard F-75018 Paris Téléphone : +33 (0) 1 57 27 77 55

Research areas :


Alcohol abuse, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and viral hepatitis are the major causes of chronic liver injury, and result in progressive accumulation of fibrosis within the liver parenchyma. Progression to cirrhosis is accelerated by genetic and environmental factors and exposes patients to life-threatening complications and to a high risk of hepatocellular carcinoma. Overall, chronic liver diseases represent a major health problem with an estimated rate of death in the range of 1,400 000 per year worldwide.

Research area

The main goal of partner 5 is to provide a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying progression of chronic liver disease, and gathers 3 teams using complementary experimental, translational and clinical approaches.

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